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Street Furnishing Collections

GreenBlue is excited to launch its new range of street furniture collections, available to further enhance urban tree planting & landscaping projects.

Our range of street furniture covers park benches, litter bins, bicycle stands, tree surrounds, information boards, waste shelters, tables & drinks fountains.

All of our street furniture products are available in a variety of wood & metal finishes allowing designers to enhance and add a wow factor to any scheme.


Bankside Guard Seat

GreenBlue Urban’s new Bankside Guard Sea is a fantastic compliment to the enduring range of GBU vertical tree guards such as the Ullswater.

Designed to be suitable for retrofitting to existing tree guards as well as for new projects, it fits flawlessly into the streetscape providing a perfect relaxation spot beneath a tree.


Bicycle Stands

Bicycle stands are getting more and more important element of the public space. Since cycling is becoming more and more popular, bicycle stands are used on playgrounds, by schools and restaurants, in front of stations, public buildings, shops, and offices. Everywhere, it is necessary to park bicycles safely and securely to protect them against possible theft. The stands from our selection meet the basic requirements for bicycle protection.

They protect their frame from possible damage, do not damage wheel strings and are able to hold even the bicycle with extra load (shopping, child seat, etc.). Our bicycle stands are suitable for the vast majority of bicycle models and sizes. They are designed in a way not to injure people or damage bicycles. It is possible to lock your bicycle with a bicycle lock to our bicycle stand.


Barrier Pillars

The more the city centers become pedestrian zones, the more it is necessary to separate the parts where it is possible and desirable to drive vehicles from the parts intended exclusively for pedestrians. One of the possible solutions is the installation of barrier pillars. The barrier pillars can be both fixed and tilted. The barrier pillars can stand-alone or they can be connected by a chain. This solution is particularly suitable where there is a danger of pedestrians running into roads.


Tree Grilles

In addition to our traditional range of tree grilles and surrounds, we also offer modular tree surrounds that can be adapted to suit various requirements – whether additional seating, bicycle stands, or normal tree surrounds.



Park benches are an essential element of the city landscape. They are a place where you can relax and chat with your friends. Park benches can be categorized based on various design requirements.

Whether stand-alone or linearcircular or even serving as stations for phone charging, our range of outdoor benches can be suited to any design scheme.


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